Graphics are important, but why?
Before getting into this question lets know the meaning of graphics design. It is the art of combining images and text together in a way that it convey the desired message at first look. In graphics the soul part is an image, the text is a supplement. Some graphics may have text some may not. It absolutely depends on designer’s choice and product requirement. Let’s come to our question, why graphics is important. To know the answer let’s go through these points.
Reflects the brand value of your business:-
It has been always said, “First impression is the last impression”. People first see the logo of business even before starting any business with you. How good and professional your organization is can easily be determined just in a fraction of seconds by seeing your company’s logo. A logo has a story in it. It reflects the nature of your business. For example, let’s look at the logos of some famous organizations. Amazon’s logo has an arrow starting from the first letter ‘a’ to the fourth letter ‘z’. This tells amazon has everything in their store that is A-to-Z.
Creates positivity inside your employees:-
The employees of your organization have to work with the various resources of your company like the website, notepad, and other. Those things contain various graphics related to your organization. Research says visual things has a massive impact on human psychology. A good and inspiring graphics reflects positive energy to your employees. And this will increase the outcome of your organization. Because happy employees mean happy organization.
Makes your content more worthy:-
In content marketing, we often use graphics with our blogs and articles. In spite of providing a good look and feel to content a good graphics also increase the readability of content. The reader finds itself engage in reading the passage if it has visual assets. To understand the thing in a more genuine way, let’s assume you visit someone’s facebook profile. What will be the very first thing you will be looking at? His profile and cover picture, right? And after this, you will scroll through his/her timeline to know more about the person. This itself says visual assets are always the first priority for visitors.

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