Google Analytics referral spam has long been a pain purpose for Google Analytics users. Whereas Google had antecedently secured an answer last year, until now, users had to resort to several workarounds in an endeavor to sanitize Analytics from showing all the spam. However, as of this weekend, many folks were reportage that Google Analytics referral spam is not any longer revelation in reportage.

The modification doesn’t seem to be retroactive, as I do see referral spam still in Google Analytics in Jan. however, as of Feb, it appears that Google has finally solved the Google Analytics spam drawback because it seems no referral spam shows up – a minimum of none of the unremarkably famed ones.

It will still appear to point out referral spam within the real time read. thus it seems Google Analytics is somehow applying a filter once the actual fact to get rid of those referral spam URLs before it hits the acquisition reportage.
But for that exact referral that shows up for a lot of SEO trade sites, the last time it shows up in acquisition logs in Google Analytics is period.

Referral spam gains traffic by hoping that website house owners can click through on those referral sites so as to check what it absolutely was that brought guests to the location. Whereas no links – or real traffic – came from these sites, they might still see traffic from webmasters United Nations agency checked. And Google Analytics wasn’t antecedently ready to tell that it absolutely was referral spam and not a true person.

This means that for the month of Feb, website house owners are ready to analyze their logs while not all the referral spam skewing the info. However, it might additionally appear that traffic born once the referral spam is gone… however, since this can be not real traffic, it isn’t a real loss.

Currently, we are going to see if referral spammers understand the way to beat the new filter.

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